The Missing Company Records

It turned out that I was not the first person to look at my grandfather’s papers.

The official US Army historians Charles Romanus and Riley Sunderland who wrote Stilwell’s Mission in China in the early 1950s had consulted company correspondence at the New York headquarters of Intercontinent.[1] In that tome, they referred to some of the documents in my possession as the Leighton Folder in W. D. Pawley Papers, Intercontinent Corp., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y.

What had happened to these company records?

I tracked down one of Pawley’s last surviving relations, his niece Anita. She told me that in the 1960s, Bill had arranged for the filing cabinets full of files about the AVG and other business to be collected by the embassy of the Republic of China for shipment to Taiwan, possibly to the Air Force academy. I checked this out with an air attaché of the RoC in Washington but there was no trace of the files in Taiwan as far as he could tell. I gave up trying to find the Pawley papers. I presume that I have the only copy of  the Leighton folder which Romanus and Sunderland examined.

[1] Charles F. Romanus and Riley Sunderland United States Army in World War II China-Burma-India Theater Stillwell’s Mission to China (Washington, 1953), pp.10-12